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Are you looking for truly unique decorations for your wedding, celebration, or corporate event? Do you want to purchase a creative and thoughtful balloon bouquet? Our expert designers create one-of-a-kind balloon sculptures, decorations, balloon bouquets and gift baskets to make your occasion memorable. Explore our product pages to see photos of our products and creations all of which can be customized to complement your specific requirements. Hold your cursor over any slide show to pause on an image.
Balloons are globes of color that catch and hold a viewer's eye, lending themselves beautifully to a variety of decorative themes. We create colorful jewels, arches, floating crystals, imaginative character sculptures ... whatever you imagine to make your celebration unique and memorable.

  • Six foot tall caricature-style balloon sculpture of a crusty old seaman in seaman's hat enjoying his balloon pipe for a sea theme party Old Salt the Seaman
  • A five foot tall balloon sculpture of a seahorse created from agate and rose colored balloonswith gold mylar balloons for a mane is suspended from the ceiling as one of the decorations at an  under the sea theme party Sea Stallion
  • two 50 foot tall single balloon style arches created with balloons in alternating sequences of rainbow colors (green, red, yellow, blue, inigio, and violet) for an outdoor event. Single balloon arches are also known as Sting of Pearls style arches. Rainbow String-of-Pearls Arch
  • This balloon sculpture of the Olympic Rings is made from four foot diamater circles of clear balloons mounted over strand lighting.  This Olympic rings balloon sculpture is suspended from the ceiling of a hotel ballroom for a corporate olympics celebration event. Olympic Rings
  • Our five foot tall balloon sculpture Magic Mushrooms are created with rose colored stems topped by double-stuffed blue polka dot balloons Magic Mushrooms
  • Our giant fantasy Fantasy Flower balloon sculptures range in size from four feet tall (for centerpieces) to eight feet tall for area decorations.  These yellow, pink, and mauve balloon flowers are used to decorate a staircase entrance for an Easter event Fantasy Flowers
  • This series of packed balloon arches in vivid magenta and citrine yellow colors are placed to decorate a long concourse hall between two event venues forming a visual tunnel focusing attention on the displays placed in the hall. Concourse Arches
  • This giant 30 foot tall carnival fun house style balloon clown is sculpted from of a variety of orange, yellow, red, and light blue balloons giving its legs, body and arms the look of a circus clown.  The 5 foot diameter head is adorned with a red nose, large smiling mouth and sideburns.  It is placed to set the theme to a corporate circus theme party so that guests to this event at the San Jose SAP arena must walk thru his legs to enter. Walk-Thru Clown
  • This three foot tall slender table centerpiece is crafted from ting ting, ribbons and feathers in irredescent lime green, lavender and other Carnival season colors for a Mardi Gras theme party Carnival Feathers centerpiece
  • This wedding reception centerpiece is crafted from a cluster of miniature mauve mylar heart shaped balloons which serve as the perch for a cream colored dove. Hearts and Dove centerpiece
  • These clusters of approximately 30 slender 3 foot long red and gold long balloons each spray outward from the ceiling of a tent giving it a surreal and modern appearance. Fire-Burst Cluster ceiling decorations
  • This seven foot tall balloon sculpture of Candide was sculpted for a cast party which followed a high school presentation of 'Candide' Candide Sculpture
  • This sparkling ceiling decoration consists of five foot diameter clusters of shiny red enlogated mylar balloons serving as a decoration for a Christmas holidays theme event. Giant Star Sparkler ceiling decoration
  • This sport-theme centerpiece consists of a 24 inch spire topped by a mylar baseball.  The spire is decorated with small round and elongated latex balloons in team colors.  This centerpiece can be customized for your sport and team celebration event.
        <img class= Sports-themed centerpieces
  • This one hundred foot long packed-style garland of gold and pearl white balloons served as the grand entrance decoration at the Fairmont Hotel San Jose at New Years' Eve Fairmont Hotel grand entrance garland
  • This arch consists of a series of clusters of pink and blue balloons with trailing ribbons.  It is decorating the bandshell in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Balloon cluster style performance framing arch
  • Lava-Flows decor centerpiece Lava-Flows decor centerpiece
  • Big Bang ceiling decoration is a both a novel decoration and party conversation piece. Big Bang ceiling decoration
  • This suspended 15 foot tall balloon sculpture Breast Cancer Ribbon was created for a breast cancer awareness event. Breast Cancer Ribbon
  • This five foot tall balloon sculpture anchor is constructed from gold balloons and is topped by a line made from blue and white balloons. Anchors Aweigh
  • Bright Eyes board rider Bright Eyes board rider
  • Balloonatics Old Big Bucks character balloon sculpture comes in formal dress wearing a ballon tuxedo with top hat and displays a classic large handlebar moustache Old Big Bucks
  • Doctor Fix-Um Doctor Fix-Um
Now is a great time to order a colorful balloon bouquet with a personal greeting for a special someone. Balloon bouquets send a message of cheer for all to see in addition to your message on an attached card. Celebrate birthdays, graduations, promotions, or just say "Thank You" with our unique balloon bouquets.

  • A beautiful Mylar® balloon butterfly accompanying star cover bubble balloons provides a perfect vehicle for a variaty of messages...from a simple Butterfly Bubble Bouquet
  • The VIP Birthday The Very Important Person
  • Mylar® Jewel Happy Birthday Bouquet The Mylar® Jewel Happy Birthday
  • Giant Blue hot-air style happy birthday balloon with a basket with champagne or sparkling cider Hot air style Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday Bouquet with celebrant's name spelled in a chain of Mylar®  letters The Name Chain Happy Birthday
  • A bouquet of three Mylar® sphere-shaped balloons arrqnged vertically separated by latex collar balloons topped by a multi-colored giant thirty inch Mylar® star balloon with the inscription 'Congratulations' The "You Are A Star" Congratulations Bouquet
  • Happy Birthday Bouquet with celebrant's name spelled in a chain of Mylar®  letters The Name Chain Happy Birthday
Balloonatics can design custom decorations and sculptures to transform your venue, conveying your theme and creating an atmosphere that will make your event memorable. Consider Balloonatics for weddings, graduations, mitzvahs, birthdays, reunions, political events, or the birth of a new baby.

  • Walk-Through Heart balloon sculpture entrance decoration for a wedding receptionr Wedding reception "Walk-Through Heart" decoration
  • This 5 foot tall balloon heart sculpture is suspended from the ceiling as a focal decoration at a wedding reception Wedding reception "Suspended Hearts" decoration
  • This six foot tall balloon critter sculpture of a stork was created for a baby shower Stork balloon sculpture for a baby shower
  • Candle centerpiece for a Mitzvah Mitzvah candle centerpiece
  • This six foot tall champange glass of clear and silver balloons is a great focal decoration for New Year's celebrations New Years celebrations
  • Balloon column topped by a graduation mortar board Mylar® balloon "Graduation Mortar Board" column
  • This eight foot tall snowman sculpture has personality and style with foamcor hat and mittens, and serves as a major focal decor piece for a holiday party. Winter Holiday parties
  • Baby Pacifier arch created for a poolside baby shower "Pacificer Arch" for a poolside baby shower
Balloon Twisting & Face Painting
Delight party-goers of all ages with expert balloon twisting and face painting entertainment from Balloonatics!  Our artists and entertainers provide a fun and interactive experience for your guests. Unique balloon animals and other twister creations are also a great party favor.

  • Girl enjoying her heart made of twisted non-round balloons Girl with balloon heart
  • boy wearing a balloon hat Boy with balloon hat
  • Minature bride and groom sculpted out of non-round balloons Minature "bride & groom" table decoration
  • Heart sculpted out of non-round balloons Heart-shaped balloon structure
  • Rabbit and Easter Basket sculpture Easter rabbit and basket sculpture
  • boy enjoying face painting Boy enjoying face painting
Corporate Events
We create a wide spectrum of decorations for business events of all sizes, including marketing and promotional events, awards and recognition events, and product introductions. Our custom decorations and props beautifully communicate the theme of your event while keeping costs within your budget guidelines.
  • White balloon gazebo trade show booth Gazebo marketing event booth
  • Swirled arch at store entrance for 30th anniversary sale event Store 30th Anniversary Celebration
  • Precision Cube Corporate logon Precision corporate logo for employee event
  • Football goal post for a corporate trade show Goal post for tradeshow event
  • Olympic Rings for corporate competition event Olympic rings for corporate competition celebration
  • Garlands over ice arena for large corporate celebration Garland decor for a large employee celebration
  • Foamcor Magic Hat for corporate sales meeting "Magic Hat" prop for sales presentation
  • Twelve foot tall balloon sculpture sunflowers for a supermarket sales event "Giant Sunflower" sculptures for a supermarket event
About Balloonatics
We are experts at designing unique customized balloon bouquets, centerpieces, sculptures, logos and special effects balloon drops for a wide variety of events and celebrations. We encourage and reward leadership, teamwork and creativity among our staff members, and you’ll find working with them is a lot of fun.
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