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Balloon Drops and Releases
Balloonatics has over 30 years of experience in constructing, rigging, and releasing special effects balloon drops and balloon releases. Both balloon drops and balloon releases provide a stunning visual climax to multiple occasions: New Year's eve celebrations, weddings, corporate product launches and balloon releases conducted as part of memorial services. We have developed an extensive knowledge of Bay Area venues and their unique rigging requirements, and we are the only company requested to rig and operate drops in some venues.
Balloon Drops
We provide balloon drops in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. These include color-coordinated drops to accent decor themes, drops that contain large balloons that party goers can play with, drops for low-ceiling-height venues, and drops contained in large balloons that explode on a signal, spraying confetti.
  • Net balloon drop of black and white colored balloons for a formal decor style event Net drop for a formal event
  • Black & gold colored net style balloon drop Black & gold decor drop
  • Net Style Drop of Orange and Gold Balloons Net-style drop of orange and gold balloons
  • Exploding style balloon drop using 30 inch black and white balloons for the Fairmon t Hotel in San Jose Exploding-style balloon drop
  • Exploding balloon drop immediately after detonation Exploding balloon drop after detonation
  • Exploding style balloon drop using 30 inch jewel color balloons Jewel-colored exploding balloon drop
Balloon Releases
Balloon releases are a stunning visual climax to multiple occasions, from New Year's eve to weddings, corporate product launches, and victory celebrations. They also serve a symbolic role in memorial services. Our releases use only bio-degradable balloons with no environmentally damaging attachments.